News [2014-08-08]


  • Customs clearing is an added service provided by DCI[Details]
  • International River-Ocean Combined Transport
  • International Railway-Ocean Combined Transport[Details]
  • International Truck-Ocean Combined Transport[Details]
  • Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Logistics[Details]
  • DCI has transport agreement with domestic and international airliners[Details]
  • Bulk / Roll-Roll Transport Agent Services[Details]
  • Dangerous Cargo Transport[Details]
  With DOOR TO DOOR services as the business philosophy of supply chain logistics, we focus on domestic trading market in China West while watching other domestic trading markets in China by using the modern information management (logistics central information management). [Details]
From 2008, DCI-Logistics started its efforts to provide bonded logistics services for traditional goods (chemicals, PVA, machinery, foods, wines) and IT products (Foxconn, Quanta, INVENTEC, Compal, VEICHI and ASUS). [Details]
We provide caring and professional services to the clients for pursuit of two-win result.
Regulatory consolidation strategic partner Record and run on the Hong Kong Group (SIPG) strong support in Chongqing Lianglu Cuntan customs, Xiyong FTZ customs and Shanghai port customs, opened in Chongqing Cuntan two customs as the western region LTL cargo import and export declarations goods collection point, supervision mode of transportation by trucks and shipping to the port group four outer supervision warehouse to dial global, brought new logistics pattern and service to the western region of import and export cargo.
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